Alamo Guest House

Why is it called The Alamo?

The earliest that written records show, the property was bought by the Gryzbowski's, a polish family in 1967, who let out 6 rooms and gave the property its name. This is apparently as they had ancestors who fought in the Battle of the Alamo (Texas, 1836).

How early can we arrive?

10:30am is the ABSOLUTE earliest you may arrive at the Guest House.  Please NO luggage drop off before this. We ask that you kindly respect this and not to  think it's 'Just dropping off bags'! We are not a Hotel and do not have a dedicated front desk and We DO NOT have the space/ room / layout or manpower to deal with bag drop offs and New guests,  whilst we are  still serving breakfast and hosting current guests and will struggle to give a new guest any decent form of welcome.  Also current guests may be sleeping and our entrance hall has rooms of it. Please respect this also!

Check-in to the rooms is guaranteed from 2pm, yet we service room in order of guests arrival and sometimes can get rooms ready before 12noon, depending on when the previous guests have left. Guests are more than welcome to drop bags off with us from 10:30am onwards.

When do you accept final check ins?

We close for the night at 9pm, so we do like guests to arrive before 8.30pm due to the noise element of checking in Guests and showing them to rooms, which will disturb other guests who will be resting/ asleep. We understand some circumstances are unavoidable (e.g. travel delays on the day) and try to accommodate these where we can, however we do not have a 24hr reception and our front of house staff member will have to be up early the next day for breakfast shift and may have been up since 6am that day. Please, can we ask that you be conciderate of our staff and current guests and ask BEFORE booking, if we can accept a later than 8.30pm check-in. If we cannot, we unfortunately will not be able to accept your booking.  

What time is check out?

Check out in the mornings can be any time up until 11am, although this can be extended to midday upon prior request. We would appreciate that any guests wanting to check out before breakfast service settle their bill with us the evening before departure, as this not only means we can have an uninterrupted breakfast service the next morning, but also means guests will not have to worry about any remaining payments when leaving early for flights, trains etc.


We are in a very popular and vibrant part of the city which attracts many visitors . It is also in a residential area. We would encourage you not to travel to the city by car unless essential and there is no other form of transport for you.  If you are  thinking of hiring a car when arriving at the airport  and not leaving Glasgow the next day then hire one  when you leave. You will not need a car to travel around the city because we have good buses, a tube and very reasonably priced taxis.  Otherwsie  there is on-street parking just in front of the Guest House/ Kelvingrove Park which is a very safe area. The parking is free from 6pm on Fridays to 8am on Mondays. Then during the week, there is a charge from 8am to 6pm - For short stay you can pay at the meter, it costs 20p for the first 1/2 Hour, then 20 pence for every half hour after that (= £0.80p for 1 hour or £2 for 2 hours). Then free from 6pm to 8am the next morning. We also have Visitors Parking Permits, which cost £2 for 8am till 2pm or 12noon till 6pm (effectively £4 for the whole day).                                                                                                                                                      


We are fortunate to have a fantastic working relationship with two local taxi companies. If guests require taxis during the day (i.e. between breakfast finishing and close) a member of staff can arrange one for you that will arrive in under five minutes. For early morning departures please inform a member of staff when you wish to leave by at least the evening before departure and they will arrange a taxi for you for the following morning. The driver will not ring the bell so as not to disturb other guests who may still be sleeping, but instead will wait outside for you.

How do we get to you from Glasgow Airport?

By bus:Take the 77 Bus which leaves from outside the terminal, you can ask one of the attendants which stance the bus will leave from. Ask the driver to let you off at Derby Street, the stop just before Kelvingrove Park, outside the Devoncove Hotel. We are 2 to 3 minutes walk away, turning down the next road on the right (Gray Street). We are Number 46 Gray Street, overlooking the park. This takes roughly 45 minutes and is about £3.90 one way/person.

Or grab a Taxi straight from the airport - 17 minutes (£15 to £20).

What's around about you?

We are directly opposite the beautiful Kelvingrove, and a few minutes walk away from the Kelvingrove Museum &Art Gallery. We are also located near the University of Glasgow, containing within it the Hunterian Museum, as well as only being a 15-20 minutes walk away from Glasgow?s bustling city centre. To get to the SECC and Scottish Hydro Centre only requires a 20 minutes walk. Check out our things to do section for more information - http://www.alamoguesthouse.com/ThingstoDo

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately we do not permit animals to stay due to allergies. We did have our beloved house cat, Flash, stay with us in the guest house, but he unfortunately passed away in mid 2016 at the ripe age of 24. We have seen a recent rise in the number of guests with animal fur allergies, so have now decided to respect this by not allowing guests to bring their pets with them during their stay.

Do we have a laundry service?

We do not provide a laundry service, but there is a very good laundry very close by (3 minute walk) on Argyle St. You can drop the laundry off, in a bag and pick up later, all washed and folded and even ironed for you if you wish - http://www.majesticlaundrette.co.uk

Booking regulations

PLEASE NOTE:We HIGHLY recommend guests to book restaurants ahead of their stay here, especially if staying on a Friday and Saturday night. We are located right next to the BEST area of Glasgow for the biggest grouping of the best Bars, Restaurants and Cafes. Which are guaranteed to be fully booked on most days especially Friday and Saturdays. Some of the most popular restaurants are booked weeks in advance. Please check out our things to do page HERE)


Check-in to the rooms is guaranteed from 2pm, yet we service room in order of guests arrival and sometimes can get rooms ready before 12noon, depending on when the previous guests have left. We start servicing rooms at about 10.30am. Of course if the room is vacant the night before you will be able to go straight in :o)

We would love to be able to offer guests to drop off bags before 10:30am, yet the absolute earliest to arrive at the Guest House is 10am! Anytime before this has a extremely high chance of putting a lot of strain on whom ever is on duty that day. As we will still be serving breakfast and also having guests check out, adding check-ins to this mix, means adding stress to our 1 member of front of house staff, not being able to give the best customer service to current guests or more-over a proper welcome to new guests arriving :o)

We have made some suggestions on our website of places in the area, that you can enjoy a coffee or snack, whilst waiting till 10:30am;


Also we do like guests to arrive before 8:45pm, due to the noise element of checking in Guests and showing them to rooms, which may disturb other guests who are resting/ asleep. We close the guesthouse down and dim all the lights at 9pm to create the atmosphere to encourage quiet, when guests return in the evening (all guests get a room key and front door key and can come and go at their leisure).

Also myself or one of our members of staff, who maybe on duty, could have been up since 6am that morning for breakfast duty and have to also get up at 6am the following morning. We do take later check ins than 9pm, especially if we know it will be the owner (Steve) on duty. If you believe you will be checking in after 9pm, please ask if this can be accommodated before booking,

Cancellation Policy


A 10% non-refundable, non-transferable booking fee/ deposit will be taken for all booking values of £299 or less (for bookings of a higher value please see non-refundable deposit structure below), if a cancellation or even amendments are made in full or in part. Our booking System defaults to 10%,  when automatically sending out a confirmation e-mail, so please make yourself aware of our deposit structure below before booking and agreeing to our T&C's. Not reading and making yourself aware of our T&C's when booking, is not our fault and we will not take the blame for anyone not willing to honor them, due to them not reading our T&C at the point of booking. 

Plus there is a 48hour cancellation policy (before noon, 48 hours before the day of arrival) or number of days the booking is for, whichever is the greater. (i.e. for a 5 day booking we require 5 days notice). If we do not receive the required cancellation notice, at least the first 2 days stay may be taken, if we do not manage to book out the room(s) again (e.g. if your booking is for 6 nights and you cancel 24 hours before arrival, effectively giving 1 days notice to fill 6 days, we would charge for every night that wasn't re-booked- possibly the whole 6 days).

Where a voucher is being used to book accomodation, the amount of this voucher shall be used as the deposit, where the voucher amount is equal or greater than the expected deposit % as per our deposit structure T&C's. Where the voucher amount is less than the % deposit structure T&C's, then the balance of the deposit will be taken from the Debit or Crediti card details used to make said booking. Again, any initial confirmation received from our QBook system, will not reflect this. Once we receive the booking, we shall amend the details of the booking on our system and re-send a booking confimation, to reflect the true amounts Vouchers used, extra deposits paid, if applicable and Balances due as per our T&C's.

PLEASE NOTE:When making a booking through our Qbook booking system, you will recieve a confirmation e-mail, which automatically default to 10%. If you do not receive and wish a breakdown receipt/ confirmation of your specific percentage of deposit after booking, please contact us.

We recommend that all guests take out travel insurance to cover themselves for any unforseen out of their control circumstances. If you do not take out travel insurance, please do not expect us to refund your deposit, if you cancel or wish to amend your booking, due to you not taking out this valuable insurance. Our insurance is your agreement to our terms and conditions, as we would honor any agreement with any establishment we booked with we expect those that agree to our terms and conditions to honor these.

All cancellation must be made by emailing (which will require you to set up a read receipt at your end, to show you sent the mail and we actually received it and read it.) or phoning the guest house (prefered), then followed up in writing, for your and our records.

Also GROUP BOOKINGS or LARGE VALUE BOOKINGS shall have the following non-refundable, non transferable deposit structure:

2 rooms or £300 to £399 = 20% 

3 rooms or £400 to £499 = 30%

4 rooms or £500 to £599 = 40%

5 rooms or £600 to £699 = 50%

6 rooms or £700 to £799 = 60%

7 rooms or £800+ = 70%

WHEN BOOKING THE ALAMO as an unserviced/serviced HOLIDAY LET or THE WHOLE GUESTHOUSE. The following Booking/ Cancellation terms apply;

50% Non refundable booking Deposit will be taken for all bookings of the Property as a Holiday let or the Whole Guest House.
Balance will be due no later than 31days before the date of arrival.
If bookings are made within the 31day period, the full amount of the reservation will be due upon booking.

The following cancellation structure applies;

Cancellations more than 91 days before arrival- 50% deposit retained
Cancellations between 60 to 90 days before arrival- 50% deposit retained + 20% cancellation charge = 70% of total booking due
Cancellations between 32 to 59 days before arrival 50% deposit retained + 30% cancellation charge = 80% of total booking due
Cancellations of 31 days or less before arrival 50% deposit + 50% cancellation charge = 100% of total booking due
All cancellation must be made by Phoning us (preferred) or emailing us (which will require you to set up a read receipt at your end, to show you sent the mail and we actually received it and read it.)

You can pay by either Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard  UK debit card, Maestro card, cash, bank transfer or GBP Travellers Cheques. We do not accept AMEX.

Any AGENT booking through our online booking system or via telephone booking, shall add their own (% + VAT) commission on top of the booking price.

To find out more about our cancellation policy then please read our FAQs page HERE

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